Diecast Wonders

    Hi!, and welcome to my little world of diecast  toys. I began collecting these little wonders about ten years ago or maybe a little more LOL.  As you can see I have picked a theme "HEROES". Since there have been a lot of movies about super heroes. I hope you enjoy the  "pics". These are not for sale. Although I will be posting the ones that I am selling. The Batmobile in the bottom is a key chain!  Most Of these vehicles are 1/64 scale.  Not for sale! 

Updated January 15, 2010


 Batmobile keychain.

 This figure is so cool that I decided to put  him holding this chain . I think he looks COOL! the Batman is from Burger King looks familiar?


           This one is from Hasbro 1997 with the fancy flames!


 This is also from Hotwheels

 This is another style.The large one is a 1/24 scale. There are many more to come!

Batman VS The Pinguin two car set 2004. 

 The Joker's Last Laugh 2006.

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