Diecast Wonders


 Hi!... These are some of my favorites from MB. I have been lucky because I have purchased these long time ago. And they were cheap. Well, now they have gone up in value. Some of these are flea market find! Now, according to some sources their first casting was in 1948 which was a large scale Road Roller.They were known by the name "Lesney" & "Moko" before Mattel took over Matchbox! These little cars have a long and interesting history . If you are interested you should purchase a reputable price guide book which have information on the subject.  Not for Sale ....Enjoy!

 Beach Hopper


 The Flying Bug. The variation in this one is the sticker in the front.

 Red Rider. Comes in a variety of colors!

 VW Van. Very nice!

 Monte Verdi Hai.

 Chevrolet Corvette



 Lamboghini Countach

 Beach Buggy

 Mustang GT

57' Chevy 

57' Chevy 

Dodge Challenger by Lesney.

Dodge Challenger "Toyman" by Lesney.  

These are great combination when you buy them.Each sold seperatly! 

 The same with this one. The small door on the trailer opens, 1998.

Lamborghini MB International 1991. 

Newer model , VW transpoeter 1999. 

 Another newer model VW transporter from Mattel 1998.

1968 Mustang Cobra Jet released 1999 by Mattel. 

Chevy Truck by Mattel. 

Pantera by Lesney. 

Group Racer. 

Hi Tailer by Lesney. 

Will be posting more pics soon! 

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