Diecast Wonders


 This section is dedicated to other lesser known vehicles and action figures. Or maybe you will recognize a few of them. Not for sale!

 These are also a favorite of mine.The BMW ISETTA made in China by Kintoy. They are about three inches long. Pull back action.

 Wind up firetruck, cool! This one is 3" long.

VW Bug from Golden Wheels.

Tyco Trailer & Cab. All plastic with original box. Is about  4" inches long.

Trailer & Cab out of box. 

 Yeah, I even have the little bugger! Geico , Geco. Made in China. You can get them in eBay if you're lucky!

 Made in China, Art Asylum Inc. Never heard of it . But I think he is cool. Comes with car & figure. He is like a Lego figure!

Weiner Mobile. This is all plastic 1/24 scale,made in China. Also a  piggy bank! 

This is as Greyhound Bus. It has no makrs whatsoever. It just have the greyhound on the sides and the name "Greyhound Lines".  I'm thinking of repainting it the same color.  If you have any knowledge about it ,let me know!

 There were a few of these that came out when it was called WWF.  I will be posting more on my next update. They were released in 1999 by Titan Sport and Toy Island. "This is The Rock"

Enterprise giveaway, for renting a car. No markings whatsoever on the bottom. Not even made in China. Scale 1/64.

Cadillac by Kintoy. All doors open and even the sun roof!

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