Diecast Wonders


 ... and of course the Ninja Turtles. Did you know that the sales of green turtles in pet shops were Hot in the year that the movie came out? And don't forget the pizza yep, that became more popular! especially those crazy flavor combinations they use to ordered!

 The Hulk from HW.

The Thing from HW

Captain America Van

 These three on the top are from Hotwheels. The Hulk, the Thing and Captain America. All from Hotwheels. You can still find them in eBay but it will cost you, depending on the Condition of the vehicle!


 This one is from Corgi. Very hard to find, even in eBay!

  This is from a two pack from HW. I think this one is  COOL!

 These two on the bottom have great graphics. The one on the left is from JL. But, the other one not to sure...maybe HW? As you can see at the bottom Spidey looks great!

Made by Action. Special edition  Jeff Gordon # 24. The theme as you know STAR WARS,Copyright 1999, the car Monte Carlo.

 This is a 5 pack set from Ertl. The graphics on these are very cool. Not to mention the cars! I bought this one when I went to Universal Studios, Orlando Fl.

 Here we have a mixture of Speed Racer cars Johnny Lightning and the boxed one in the lower right are Hotwheels. They are smaller than HW.

 This is from another view . On the extreme right there's a couple of Speed Racer comics.

There are a few characters here from different toy makers. 

Some old and new  He-man figures. 

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