Diecast Wonders


 Another favorite of mine are Redlines from Hotwheels. These came out in 1969 although they are dated with copyright 1968. But HW still produces redlines. So, you'll have to look up some info on the vintage kind and the regular ones!   Not for Sale!


 Heavy Chevy

 Heavy Weight TowTruck

 Dodge Van or Super Van

 Fire Chief or Chief car


 Mustang Boss Hoss


 Red Baron. Many varieties of colors.

Live Wire this is a Sizzler motorized car , which is recharge for racing. There are many of these cars old and new! They can still be found.

Angeleno another Sizzler. Again there is a variety of these cars. They are from 1968-2006 . 

Original newer packages. These were released in 2006.  

Rock Buster, one redline and the other a blackwall. 

The ones below are the new versions of Redlines! 

Baja Bug. 

Chevy Nomad Commemorative replica. 


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