Diecast Wonders


 Tiger Wheels are from Puerto Rico.I'm not to sure but they started to appeared in 1999. They are designed for downhill racing.The first editions came with an extra set of wheels on the package. A little pricey  but, hey I like them too! Especially the VW vans. Here are a few that I have acquired a few years back.The ones on the bottom were First Editions. You can tell by the package. I have more that I will be posting. Not for Sale!

These are funny cars. They are a few ounces heavier than the other known brand !

 If you take a closer look they use to come with an extra set of wheels. They are a little bit heavier. It is use a lot for racing !  Not all of them comes with extra wheels!

Camaro Z28 

Buick Riviera nice muscle car. 

Ford  F 150 color variation. These have the extra wheels!

Chevy Pick Up. Weird color but nice. 

These are 1970 Chevy Chevelle color variation. As you can see racing stripes on the left one.  

There is an array of makes and model. But, these on the bottom are especially dedicated to small towns in Puerto Rico.  They are very limited like 500 each of different towns!

These are all Crown Victoria released in 2005. Each represent  a town in  P.R  I do not know if they are limited!

Will be posting more! 

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