Diecast Wonders

*Cartoon Diecast* 

 I like cartoon series diecast.And there is a lot of those around. So, her are a few. Not for sale!

 This is of course POWERPUFF GIRLS. Made by Racing Champions. Also very hard to get! 

 These you can still find them in eBay,from Hotwheels. Fred Flinstone's car.

 Sponge Bob is one of my daugther's favorites cartoon figure. Made by Matchbox. And the one beside it is Barney Rubble's car from Johnny Lightning. I was surprise to see this one. Imagine that, another Flintmobile!

Scooby-Do from Racing Champions.  All plastic car Street Wheels from Racing Champions.

Especially designed for Warner Brothers Studio in 2000.

I like this cartoon. Dexter and his sister.This one is also from Racing Champions (STREET WHEELS).

 Speed Racer, can't get enough of these! They are made in China except the bottom one is J.Lightning.

 This is another one made by Racing Champions. The car is not much but the graphics are cool!

 This small group is also from Johnny Lightning

The Jetson's Spaceship by Polar Ligths 2001. 

Old time cartoon. Casper the friendly ghost! Street Wheels from Racing Champions.

This race car is from Revell . I guess you can spot the error?.... The logo Revell is upside down!

Hyper Mite from Hotwheels. Is not a cartoon, but it sure looks cartoony!

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