Diecast Wonders


 I also like rigs. It depends on the graphics or the subject. Always buy what you like! Not for sale!

 This Bat Rig is from Hotwheels. This diecast is awsome!

 Mountain Dew Matchbox.

 Coca Cola from Matchbox.

 Pepsi by Maisto

 Ashley Force by Hotwheels. Another awsome rig!

 Dr. Pepper from Road Champs.

 This is a Winross. Is all metal , made in the USA.

Rig by Universal 1978. Never heard of it, but is not bad! Scale 1/64  

Hotwheels 1976 Big Rig. The colors on the side vary. Copyright  1988.

These are from HW. The variety is in the grill. There are many other varieties in color! 

These one here have a slight color variety with the red and also a variety on the wheels.

This is a Maisto Carrier comes without Hotwheels! Lol! 

Pez Rig 2004.

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