Diecast Wonders


 Hi!...my next collection is from JL. Also one of my favorites diecast. According to some references JL started in 1969 as Topper Toys. But later on 1994 Playing Mantis started manufactoring these little cars. Again if you are interested on the history of these little cars do some more research. And you will find out that JL has an interesting history on its making. Here are a few that I have . I cannot post all of them, but in due time I will be updating the pics. Oh, they are Not for sale!

 Yahoo Racer

 eBay Racer

Ford Coupe. These two are called Thunderjets. They have pull back action and run like heck!

    GTO is also my favorite. I think they are cool.These motorized cars are fast!

 Everybody knows "OCHO"?  Yep, Herbie the Love Bug.

 A lot of these cars came out and different models. I hope you have yours!

Custom Dragster 

Trouble Maker 

Super Chevy. 

Holiday Classics VW Bug. 

"Yenko" 68' Camaro. This was a JL membership car issue, complete with certificate .

The "Yenko", it has the JL membership sticker on the back. Also the hood opens. This was issue in 1999.  


These are called Show Stoppers. I have a few more of these that I will be posting soon!


 Corvette pull back action. Also from the Thunderjet group.

Chrysler Atlantic 

Custom Dragster 

These two "Movin Van" variation as you can see is in the tampoo, released in 1993 


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