Diecast Wonders


These are more Batman Vehicles. And let me tell you, there is an array of toy makers HW,Corgi,Ertl and many others which is good! You pick what you like! You just have to hunt for them!

 Scale 1/64. Not for sale! ... Enjoy


      This one on top is from Ertl 1989 1/64....Cool !

 Some kind of cycle made by Kenner        

    This one here is from Burger King 2007. Now, I don't know what it is.  But I think is some form of flying vehicle.

   Batcopter made by Corgi.            

 This is a Hotwheels from the 1966 TV series Batman. I am sure a lot of us saw this series and enjoyed it very much when we were young. I also have many others, but for now enjoy these! And go down memory lane.

 This one is from Ertl. I think this one is from a cartoon series.

Corgi did a whole lot of them! 

 This is a 1950's style from Corgi also.

Hotwheels Batcycle from 1966 series. Released in 2007. 

This baby comes apart and forms three vehicles! 

In my opinion, this is one of the best Batcycle Hotwheels has ever done! 

Temblor Gateway another by HW. Released 2006. This one is very cool. It has two cars and a minature Batman action figure!

A Hummer like all terrain vehicle  released 2007. Scale 1/50. A slight bigger than regular HW.

Dark Rider, this is a McDonalds issue 1995. I'm not sure if this is a Batmobile. But it sure looks "Baty!" 

The figure is a cut out that came with a few toys in a McDonalds kids meal 2008.

Microverse by Kenner (Hasbro) 1996.
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